Business Class "Cloud" Phone Services

Bigfoot Voice offers a business class hosted voice over IP solution designed for small to medium sized businesses. A cloud based phone system allows businesses access to features that were traditionally only found in large corporations. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers by providing the best in class voice solutions.


What are the benefits?

  • Pick the brand and model of phones that suite your needs, including software phone applications that allow you to place and receive high quality calls with your computer.

  • Do away with expensive monthly loop fees.

  • Bigfoot Voice does not charge for features beyond an initial setup fee and will always upgrade our customers at no cost as new features become available.

  • With traditional phone systems, once you choose a solution you are normally locked with a single vendor for phones and additional hardware. Not with Bigfoot! Industry standard for VoIP allows for a multi-vendor solution. Giving you flexibility if your needs change.

  • Bigfoot Voice automates and improves customer interactions by designing a custom solution specific to your needs and improves efficient handling of customer inquiries

  • Click here to learn more about how. [Hyperlink to Page 3]

  • Bigfoot Voice is the convergence of cloud based computing and voice over IP technology. 

  • With our hosted services you get advanced voice features without the administrative and infrastructure costs associated with maintaining a phone system.

  • The Transition is Easy!

  • If your company has already purchased an expensive phone system and would like to continue to gain return on that investment, we can VoIP enable your current system with our SIP trunking service and VoIP gateways that handoff T1 or analog circuits to your existing phone system. 

  • Bigfoot Voice can provide both inbound and outbound routes and with Houston 713 / 281 / 832 phone numbers or port your existing number(s). Click here to see a list of standard features. 

  •  Bigfoot Voice also provides Managed Proxy Services for customer who have existing or dedicated voice circuits. By interconnecting with our customer’s existing carrier we can provide the intelligent call routing such as call queues, hunt groups, custom music on hold and find-me services. 



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